Alien: Covenant

In the cinema, everyone could hear me scream………….at the screen, as us humans somehow managed to be totally stupid yet again. Is everyone in the future really that dumb?


Talking of dumb, just like Star Wars: TFA was practically a re-write of Star Wars IV, Alien: Covenant felt like a re-write of Alien (with a bit of Prometheus thrown in for good measure). I just cannot understand why screenwriters think people will put up with seeing the same thing again and again, where has the originality gone?


It’s not all bad, the cinematography is great, the locations are stunning, the effects are seamless and there are a couple of good action sequences. You also have the very reliable Michael Fassbender who is once again a joy to watch; in fact his is the only performance of any note. The new heroine, Katherine Waterston, is ok but she lacks the screen presence of Sigourney or Noomi. The rest are just fodder.


Verdict: All in all, a big disappointment; with people taking unrealistic actions, little suspense and a tired Alien rip-off plot that has all been seen before (they even used the same soundtrack).






  • Michael Fassbender
  • Great to Look at


  • No Suspense
  • Unoriginal Story

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