Alita: Battle Angel

There is a lot to enjoy in Alita: Battle Angel (A:BA); it has amazing special effects, has some great action scenes and a thumping soundtrack. It just lacked balance and a so-so plot that did not always make sense.


The Special Effects, which are used in abundance due to the robotic bodies and amazing abilities, are very sharp. This allows the action scenes to be really smooth and from distance, rather than the normal close-up choppy shots. There are a couple of really great action scenes worthy of re-watches and A:BA doesn’t rely on re-using the same fight moves. Alita’s big Manga eyes are a bit annoying to start with but you soon got used to them and I suppose they make her look a bit more innocent.


The plot is a bit familiar; character has a hidden background that they cannot remember and doesn’t know how powerful they are….and rises up against the bad guys. It was just a bit rushed at the start, way too convenient in places, has characters taking unrealistic actions and the ending is unsatisfying. Still, it’s not as though you are watching for the plot, is it?


Verdict: A solid Sci-Fi action flick that could have been amazing with a tighter plot and better characterisation. Worth a sequel though.





  • Great Special Effects
  • Good Action Sequences


  • Plot is a bit thin
  • Unsatisfactory Ending

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