Aquaman is the latest in a long line of super hero offerings but thankfully DC don’t make a total mess of it this time round. That doesn’t mean to say its amazing but it is a good action ride that looks fantastic.


I don’t usually start with the CGI but to me its the star of the show. The underwater effects are simply amazing, easily the best I’ve seen. The whole Atlantean world is gorgeous to look at and there is always something going on in the background. It just looks alive and easy to accept as real.


Jason Momoa is also a really good fit for the character (he doesn’t have the original blond hair though), I just wish they had supplied him with better jokes to match the comedy potential that was hinted at during Justice League. There is also a good turn by Amber Heard as the love interest.


What does let Aquaman down is the predictable plot, some clunky dialogue, a few misfiring one-liners and uninspiring baddies. It does look gorgeous though……..


Note: There is one end of credits scene which is ok but nothing really exciting.


Verdict: Nothing new on the super-hero front, however, it’s competently done with some amazing underwater CGI.





  • The Underwater Special Effects are Amazing
  • Jason Momoa is a great fit for the Character


  • Standard Super-hero Storyline
  • Clunky Dialogue
  • Not as Funny as it should have been

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