Assassin’s Creed

Unfortunately, the run of mediocre game based films continues with Assassin’s Creed. It’s not out and out bad, just not that great. It does feel like you are watching a game a lot of the time and the costumes look cool, however, the plot is a bit naff and I didn’t care about the characters at all.


The plot is a bit bonkers, revolving around looking back in time based on your ancestors genes whilst Michael Fassbender’s sort of hero tries to locate the McGuffin (I suspect this would all make sense if you’ve played the games but otherwise no chance).


The one redeemable feature is the action; there are some very good parkour type chase scenes as well as some well choreographed group fight sequences.


I must point out that this is not one for the ladies with my wife stating that it was two hours of her life she would never get back…….ouch!


Verdict: One day a good film will come from a good computer game, just not today.





  • Good Action Scenes


  • Nonsensical Plot
  • Characters you don't care about

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