Avengers: Infinity War

I seriously do not know how Marvel do it, another fantastic super-hero ensemble film that manages to make you laugh and cry in equal measure and with enough shocks and surprises to leave you talking about it all the way home in the car. Superb.


It’s not that easy to summarise the plot as its more of an amalgamation of several subplots all going on at the same time which intermingle into a central theme of stop Thanos (the big baddie). It may sound messy but somehow it works and each subplot has enough time to move the story forward whilst giving every super-hero something to do (although it’s a bit light on the Captain America/Black Widow front). It all builds up to an amazing and original ending and makes you desperate to see the next one….


Acting is all great (even when CGI’d), the effects are superb, people actually die (probably) and Thanos is a great new addition to the top 10 baddies list.


It’s not without its flaws though as the second tier baddies are a bit weak, the soundtrack doesn’t feel epic enough and some of the jokes are a little flat, however, these are all very minor quibbles to what is a fantastic and highly entertaining film.


and did I mention the ending is just awesome, talk about a cliffhanger………


Note: Remember to stay for the one end of credits scene as it’s a really good and surprising one, dropping big hints about what/who will come next.


Verdict: Yet another excellent Marvel super-hero flick. It really does deliver on the long-term multi-film build-up, plus interest. Lets just hope they can keep up the quality for what will probably be the last outing for the original Avengers cast.





  • Clever and Surprising Plot
  • Excellent Action Sequences

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