Black Panther

Black Panther is a good solid super-hero flick, it is not, as the critics have raved, the best super-hero film ever. TBH, I would not even put it in the top five.


The story is fairly standard with T’Challa (The Black Panther) going after a baddie, getting entangled with the latest Marvel film cross-over actor (Martin Freeman doing his best to take the place of Phil Coulson) which leads to a Wakandan power struggle with lots of in-fighting. It’s a bit more complicated than that but at least everyone’s motivations are not clearly right or wrong.


It’s all done very well, the location (Wakanda) looks really good, it is humorous (particularly the Gorilla King), all the acting is good (Letitia Wright as Shuri was particularly noticeable), the baddies are a bit more complex than normal, the action is pretty good (although some of the close up work is a bit choppy so you can’t always tell what’s happening) and the soundtrack is good. It’s just that none of it is stand-out, just all-round good.


Note: There are two post credit scenes to stick around for.


Verdict: A great addition to the Marvel film universe, just don’t expect it to be as amazing as the hype.





  • Great CGI Looking Location


  • Does not Live up to the Hype

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