Blade Runner: 2049

Blade Runner: 2049 was the sequel I never thought would be made and on the whole I was pleased that it was.


BR:2049 is very Bladerunnery…….the camera zooming is still there, the clever detective work is there, replicants are there, the scenery and somewhat depressing universe is all there. It’s just takes too long for anything to happen and could definitely have done with losing 30 minutes or so. Admittedly you would have missed out on the fantastic cinematography and appreciation of the work put in to recreate the BR world but, hopefully, you would have had a tighter and more action orientated script.


I was expecting the storyline to be the big let down but I was impressed they managed to find a good angle to cover whilst continuing and involving the original. I really did want to see how it all panned out. It also makes you think……… a good way and, as far as sci-fi can go, it made sense.


The acting is all good with Ryan Gosling suitably unemotional, although I would like to have seen just a bit more Deckard (i.e. Harrison Ford). One of the let downs for me was the opposition, the baddies (big and small) were underwhelming and a bit too similar to previous.


Due to the iconic Vangelis score from the first BR, this should be mentioned. It’s suitably synthetic but doesn’t carry an overall tune (just lots of loud horns) and only excites when it briefly flirts with the originals tunes. It was just a bit safe and uninspiring.


There is one stand out sequence that particularly impressed me with its inventiveness but I don’t want to ruin it so will just say it involves, a menage au trois.


Verdict: A good but overly long sequel. If you liked the original then you will like this sequel but bear in mind that you won’t get the same feeling of wonder this time around. However, it will keep you entertained right until the end.





  • Interesting Storyline
  • Excellent universe with stunning Cinematography


  • Underwhelming Baddies
  • Too Long

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