Captain Marvel

I really like how Marvel start their films but this time they went one better, showing images of Stan Lee rather than all the different hero’s. It was a classy and poignant touch.


Captain Marvel (CM) is Marvel building up to the next big hero to take over the reigns from Iron Man, Captain America and Thor (after they all die fighting Thanos in the End Game……………that is just me speculating by the way:)). They have gone different again, with an empowered lady and the approach of not knowing what was really going on in her life. It’s a perfectly good super-hero origin and done well all-round. And that I think is what is slightly disappointing with CM, its all done well but there is no one stand-out bit of action, or scene, that would have made it special and a bit more memorable.


I don’t need to cover plot but its a mixture of betrayal, misunderstanding, enlightenment and pay-back (in no particular order). You have a couple of alien races (Kree/Skrulls) which are both interesting in their own ways and there are some nice touches about how they are introduced and handled.


Brie Larson is not bad as the hero lead but she’s no Robert Downey Jr. and lacks a little bit of screen presence that can hopefully be found for the next film. What does work well though, is the interaction between Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and a cat called ‘Goose’ (TBH, its very tempting to say the cat steals the film). There are some really funny moments between Fury and Goose and you get to find out a lot about how Fury became Fury. CM should really be a 7.5 as its more fun than Black Panther but not as good as Iron Man, however, I don’t rate in halves so it stays a 7.


Note: There are two extras at the end, both are sort of expected but still good in their own ways.


Verdict: Another good and fun Marvel Super hero film. A little short on excitement but an enjoyable romp overall.





  • Lots of Fun with a Cat called 'Goose'


  • No Stand Out Moment

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