Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin (CR) was pretty much as expected, a feel good tale aimed at the whole family. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t that funny (more slightly amusing in places), was way too obvious and way to schmaltzy for my liking (and not in the making you cry good way).


The story is standard fare, with an adult Christopher Robin needing help and Pooh & friends there to remind him who he really is. I would have preferred something a bit more original but then this is Christopher Robin’s film with Pooh only there for support (he has already had a few films of his own after all :)).


Acting is all good and the effects used to bringing Pooh and friends to life are superb.


One thing I would highlight is that, although CR is only a PG, it is not really made for young children. The kids at the cinema were very bored, often getting up and moving around.  There just wasn’t enough Pooh to keep them amused.


Verdict: A light-hearted and somewhat disappointing affair. I recommend watching Paddington (1 or 2) again instead.





  • The Special Effects on Pooh


  • A Bit Dull
  • Too Schmaltzy

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