From the trailers, I was expecting to see a film about Churchill’s life as a whole but it was not like that at all. It’s actually about the run up to D-Day and what Churchill thought about it and how it affected him. This makes for an interesting and somewhat unusual tale and I definitely found out a few things I was unaware of (so I hope it’s historically accurate).


Brian Cox as the main man really is excellent and he wonderfully portrays Churchill’s force of will and bluster whilst making us feel his pain for past loses. I believe you get a small glimpse of what he must have been like. All round acting is good although I was very surprised to see James Purefoy as the stuttering King.


Cinematography is worth a mention as, with little going on, the director has had to be inventive with shadowing, focus and scenery to try and give you more to look at than just people talking (there were probably too many close-up facials though).


Verdict: A well acted character film giving a brief glimpse into Churchill’s life during a troubling period. I don’t think this will be everyone’s cup of tea but if you enjoy character portrayals and historic events then it’s one for you.





  • Great performance by Brian Cox
  • An Interesting and Unusual point in history


  • Little, if no action
  • Not very re-watchable

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