Fast and Furious 8

I really enjoyed Furious 7 as it had great action and a good story (as well as being a fitting tribute to Paul Walker). Unfortunately, number 8 goes back to the normal formula of non-stop, OTT, mainly vehicle related action. Shame.


The plot is some daft revenge story (related to Furious 6 I believe) and so forgettable I can’t remember the details. It does, however, bring back Jason Statham which is a bonus as he combines well with The Rock to bring much needed humour.


As you would expect the action sequences are done well but are a bit ridiculous and looked a bit more CGI altered than normal (the ending scene is particularly unbelievable), still you get what you expect so can’t complain too much.


Verdict: If you leave your brain at home and just appreciate the action then there is enjoyment to be had. A step back from number 7 though.





  • Entertaining Action Scenes
  • Jason Statham is Back


  • A Step Back from Number 7
  • So OTT it feels a bit Daft
  • Little or No Plot

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