Game Night

Now that was a pleasant surprise. I had absolutely no idea what Game Night was about, just thought it would be a nice change to see a comedy. Not only was it a change but it made me laugh way more than I expected.


Plot is important to Game Night so I can’t say much except that it involves a few couples holding a games night that does not go entirely as planned……i n fact, there are lots of unexpected twists and turns but they kinda make sense (clever but not too clever if you know what I mean) and Game Night is generally amusing throughout with a couple of laugh out load moments thrown in for good measure. There are also some clever end credits.


James Bateman continues to be great in comedies and is ably supported by Rachel McAdam with an amusing turn by Jesse Plemons as the unusual next door neighbour.


Verdict: A surprisingly enjoyably adult comedy that reminds you that these types of film do still come along occasionally.





  • Couple of Laugh out Load Moments
  • Clever and Surprising Plot

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