Oh joy, another Dean Devlin disaster flick……..actually, that’s a tad harsh, as it wasn’t that bad and made for a pleasant escape from the real wind and rain.


As per the title and director, you know it’s about end of the world storms and our desperate attempts to avoid impending doom………


You know what? I think Dean Devlin is slowly learning that you can include some actual story into these types of film and there was definitely more to Geostorm than the shockingly bad Independence Day: Resurgence. Obviously the plot is still unbelievable but we wouldn’t see it if it was, would we? This time round, we have Gerard Butler as the non-action action hero. He is ably supported by the bunch of people I’ve never seen before but they tick all the boxes for what you need, i.e. dysfunctional family members, tech guy, odd funny accent guy, cute kid, you get the picture.


There isn’t much else to say really apart from the effects and soundtrack are good, there are plenty of plot holes and unexpected villains but overall it does the job its supposed to.


Verdict: Not a disastrous disaster film by any means, just don’t expect too much and you will be mildly entertained for a couple of hours.





  • More Story than a normal Disaster Flick
  • Decent Special Effects


  • Not Very Original
  • Not the greatest acting in the World

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