Ghost in the Shell

I saw the original manga version a long time ago and I wasn’t fussed about it then (although it looked good for its time). Unfortunately, the same applies to the live action version, its ok but nothing special.


I can’t say too much about the storyline as that is the most interesting part, but it involves Scarlett Johansson as “Major”, a cybernetically enhanced individual who fights the good fight against the bad guys, but all is not quite what it seems……


SJ does a good enough job but the script is clunky and you are not drawn into caring as you should do. However, I liked the look of the cyber-punk Blade Runneresque world, the cinematography is good, there are some well done action sequencse and there are interesting creature/baddie designs. It’s just a shame that the ‘whole’ just doesn’t come together into what it could have been and there are no stand-out moments to remember.


I know there was controversy about the casting but I don’t think that overly matters (although there was a policewoman with an English accent that felt out of place) as you are in an advanced future where the world and where you live has all mingled together.


Verdict: Had all the ingredients for a great sci-fi film, they just weren’t mixed together properly, shame.





  • Interesting idea
  • Well imagined World


  • Bland script
  • Forgettable storyline and characters

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