How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

HTTYD has been one of my recent favourite animated series and number three did not disappoint. In fact it was way better than the formulaic sequel and gives a solid ending to a clever (and cute) series.


I wasn’t expecting the animation to have improved much but HTTYD3 has some really great looking scenes. Particularly, a dragon realm will looked stunning, simply beautiful and not something you would normally associate with a kids animated feature.


All the interaction between Vikings, dragons and baddies was there as normal and I suppose there wasn’t anything that different but, it was done well with a good menacing baddie and I thought the ending was special. Special and apt. This leads me to congratulate ‘them’ (producers/writers etc.) for ending the series on a high and not milking the brand by churning out monotonous (and largely pointless) sequels. Hopefully, others will follow suit (and Kung-Fu Panda, I’m thinking of you!).


I did notice this time just how much Toothless looked and acted like a cat (with wings obviously). Not a bad thing and he’s still the cutest dragon on our screens. He also gets a lot more focus, which again felt right, as previously it had been more Hiccup than Toothless and I think we had a bit of a reversal this time round.


Verdict: A great way to end a highly entertaining animation series. Hiccup and Toothless will be missed but have at least bowed out with aplomb.





  • Well Crafted and Satisfying End
  • Well Imagined Locations


  • A Little Bit Samey

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