Incredibles 2

The original Incredibles is one of my favourite animated films of all time so I was very eager to see if they could keep up the incredibly high standards they’d already set. Unfortunately they could not.


Incredibles 2 is just missing that something to take it up a level, it feels too similar to before and does not have the same level of inventiveness or originality.  Sure, some of the action scenes are good and well constructed with clever uses of their powers but it was just all a bit too samey.


Plot is fairly similar to the first one (although it does continue straight after the first one ended so it sorta makes sense) with Supers still illegal and trying to win back the publics trust and the evil baddie is trying to stop them. It’s a bit more complicated than that as family life plays a bigger part than before as does Jack-jack.


Incredibles 2 looks and sounds great and involves everyone but perhaps that is the issue…..too many characters? Or perhaps it was the extremely obvious and not very super main baddie? or perhaps the underwhelming final action scene? TBH, it just didn’t all gel together for me, it was missing that spark that made the original so good.


It’s unusual to see in a styalised animated film but I swear I’ve seen the Evelyn Deavor character in something else (Monsters and Aliens or Megamind perhaps)? Let me know if you agree.


Verdict: An enjoyable but underwhelming sequel that doesn’t reach the heights of the original.





  • Couple of Good Action Sequences


  • Too Similar to the First One
  • Underwhelming Baddie

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