Independence Day : Resurgence

This is one of the corniest films I have ever seen. It makes no attempt to be original and contains so many sci-fi clichés it’s embarrassing. It’s not even that much fun.


It won’t spoil anything at all by saying that the aliens are back and we are all doomed…….unless, someone, somehow, comes up with an extremely implausible plan to save us all. The original was fun and had the benefit of being the first to blow up all the major landmarks in the world. The sequel doesn’t have that advantage so uses characters from the original to make you feel at home whilst trying to bring in the new, younger generation. Trouble is, the original characters are far more interesting and you don’t care about the newbies at all.


I did notice that Empire gave this 4 out of 5 stars but I’ve no idea why as I’ve seen plenty of sci-fi flicks and know a dud when I see one. I can’t say it’s all bad though as the effects are slick and smooth and it does nip along at a good pace with plenty of nods and winks to the original. I was just expecting more.


Verdict:  Predictable, unoriginal and a bit boring but at least it doesn’t take itself too seriously.





  • Good Special Effects


  • Unoriginal and Predictable
  • Not as Exciting as it should have been

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