Jason Bourne

Bourne is back and in very familiar territory; car chases, subterfuge, misdirection, fast fist fights, surveillance…….it’s all you would want and expect from a Bourne film.


The story is not much different to the others with Bourne’s past coming back to haunt him whilst being tracked down by yet another government agency (run by yet another Hollywood veteran). Not exactly original but it sort of follows on from Ultimatum.


The action set pieces are very good and remind me that ‘real’ action sequences are as good, if not better, than the CGI enhanced scenes we so often see now. I also still get a buzz from seeing Bourne use his brains (and household implements) to work his way out of a tricky situation.


Verdict: It’s not quite as good as the first three but not by much and only really suffers due to a lack of originality and a slightly less connected storyline. I still want to see another one though……





  • Great action sequences


  • Unoriginal

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