John Wick: Chapter 2

I really enjoyed the first John Wick, a solid mix of story and action with oodles of coolness. Chapter 2 does not reach the same heights storywise (TBH, its more of the same, i.e. retired assassin gets into lots of trouble and payback is required, plus there’s no dog 🙁 ) but the action is just as good, if not better, and Keanu is as smooth as ever.


Basically, JWC2 carries straight on from the last film, and proceeds to take you through different types of actions scenes, involving cars, hand-to-hand and a lot of gun fights. You do meet up with Lovejoy and Laurence Fishburne (and his Pidgeons?) along the way and there is a main baddie carried over from the first film (which sort of makes sense) but none of the acting is oscar worthy, however, you have to admit that Keanu knows how to do cool, he’s like a modern day Clint Eastwood.


The action scenes are inventive with some particularly good scenes; an assasination and escape in some catacombs, fighting against a whole load of different assassins and a pencil fight (what’s not to love about a pencil fight!). It may be too reliant on Gun Fu (or Gun kata as they called it in Equilibrium) this time around but that doesn’t really matter as it still looks great. I must highlight the difference it makes when an actor, Keanu, actually does a lot of the fighting himself. You can really tell its him on the screen which makes the action feel that much more real.


I must point out that JWC2 is a very violent film and definitely not one for the kids.


Verdict: A terrific action film that takes it all the way up to ’11’! – Roll on Chapter 3.






  • Great Action Sequences
  • Keanu is Uber Cool


  • Story, or lack of

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