Johnny English Strikes Again

I really enjoyed the last Johnny English film (Reborn) as it was not as silly as the original and felt a bit more adult (if that’s possible). Unfortunately, it looks like ‘they’ decided to go back to the silly side of Johnny English and back to humour more suited to eight year olds. What I’m trying to say is Strikes Again is a perfectly good film to take younger kids to but lacks the humour to keep adults amused.


The plot is too daft to mention but there are at least a couple of original and amusing scenes in the middle but that’s about it. I suspect they will make another but dare I say Johnny English may have reached the end?


Verdict: A very similar effort to the original which will tick all the boxes for the youngsters (just not the adults).





  • There are Some Laughs to be Had


  • Too Silly for words
  • Not much Adult Humour

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