Journey’s End

Journey’s End is a hard hitting sombre tale of life (albeit a very short life) in the WW1 trenches. I actually came out of the cinema feeling quite sad and also a bit angry about the pointless loss of life that war brings.


The premise is very simple, there is a group of soldiers who’s turn it is to go into the trenches for their 6 day stint. We follow the main leaders and what happened over those 6 days. It reminded me a lot of Blackadder Goes Forth and how the ridiculousness of those episodes was frighteningly close to the truth.


To make the scenario feel real and meaningful you need actors at the top of their game and I’m pleased to say that Sam Clafin and Paul Bettany are superb (in fact I didn’t think Paul Bettany was that great an actor but he proved me wrong in this film). The agony, torture and helplessness they portray is simply superb. It would be a great shame if Sam Clafin was not nominated for his performance, it was simply fantastic.


I must also point out that although the soundtrack is minimal, the use of what I think were cellos really built up the fear of impending doom. Journey’s End is not an enjoyable film as such watching what they went through but it was certainly captivating and if even half of it is true then it was a truly terrible place to be.


Verdict: A hard hitting and emotional story that leaves you feeling very sad and somewhat reflective. Moving stuff indeed.





  • Extremely Moving
  • Superb Acting

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