King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

After hearing largely negative comments, I was pleasantly surprised by KA:LOTS. Sure, it’s a typical Guy Richie (GR) film but I believe that’s a good thing as it made a pleasant change to watch a film that is directed a bit different than the norm.


I think you can all guess the plot, so I will skip that, although GR does take it heavily down the magic path, albeit with a Londinium tinge.


Acting in general was fine and it was interesting to see a grown-up Charlie Hunnam (Arthur) and Aidan Gillen (Goose Fat Bill) together again after their big break together in Queer as Folk. I also had a chuckle at the BBC Merlin connection, the appearance of a certain well known ex-footballer (not necessarily in a good way) and was impressed with how powerful Excalibur was made to feel (it took copious amounts of CGI to do but its magic so what else can you expect).


All GR’s trademarks are there; fast talking, flashbacks, cheeky chappies and London accents but they all worked well in the context of the story (I particularly liked the growing up montage and the accompanying soundtrack). I also think he’s improved his action scenes as most of them were very well constructed, particularly the opening scene.


Couple of other quick points, there was no love interest at all (which made a pleasant change), the soundtrack was loud and proud (perfectly matching the feel of the film) and the CGI was very good (although nowadays, it’s rarely bad).


Verdict: A typical Guy Ritchie film that was a lot better than expected and kept the whole family entertained right til the end.





  • Good Action Soundtrack
  • Interesting and Different Direction


  • Slightly daft plot

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