Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I really liked the first Kingsman and The Golden Circle is a very good follow-up, bringing more OTT action, ridiculous plots and laugh out load moments.


In case you don’t know, Kingsman is basically a more young, fun and risqué James Bond, including gadgets, women and end of the world type scenarios (but all very tongue in cheek, a send-up homage if you like).


Cast were all good and its great they kept the continuity of the Swedish royalty. The addition of the American Kingsman equivalent brings in some high-profile American actors (Bridges, Berry and Tatum) but it’s still very much the Egerton and Firth show (ably supported by the ever reliable Mark Strong).


One thing I like about Matthew Vaughan’s action direction is that you see everything close-up and in detail. And as a consequence, you feel part of the action rather than just an observer. I know this is all aided by CGI but it’s very crisp and smooth without being blatantly CGI in-your-face. I guess I’m trying to say that MV gives good action scenes.


Only small downsides were a bit of an odd baddie and too much of a certain swearing, aging rock star (amusing to start with but went on a bit too much).


I have to mention the very clever marketing at VUE as when the lights go down and Mark Strong normally goes “Hello” and then starts talking about turning phones off, he goes into his Kingman character (Merlin). It was very clever and funny.


Verdict: A good fun sequel which is not quite as well paced as the first but still has great action and plenty of laughs. If you liked the first one you will love the Golden Circle. Roll on number three.





  • Great Action Scenes
  • Laugh out Load Moments


  • Weak Baddie
  • Sometimes too ridiculous for it's own good

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