Let me start by saying I’m not a hard man (as my mates would surely agree :)) but I’m not that soft either………however, I could not hold back the tears at the end of this film. I was emotionally drained coming out of the cinema in a way I haven’t been for a long time. And yes, that does mean the film is very good.


Based on a true story of a boy (Saroo) living in India who ends up lost and somehow gets adopted by a wealthy Australian couple. Most of the film covers how it all occurred and how Saroo survived as a boy (you can assume it was not much fun) and then we move on to his adult journey of trying to get back to where he was born.


The acting in the entire film was top notch with Dev Patel very good as the older boy, although the main acting plaudits have to go to Sunny Pawar who plays the young Saroo, he delivers a child acting master class (but plaudits to the director for coaxing the performance out of him).


There is just something a little bit extra special when you know it’s based on a true story and it really highlights the differences between the slums of India compared to the luxurious lifestyle he ends up with in Australia. It was also special to see in the credits the real people involved, you actually feel like you know them.


It may not be the type of film you will re-watch but for the first time watch it is special and I defy anyone not to well up at the end.


Verdict: An amazing true story with a special ending that touches your heart strings big time. Sunny Pawar deserved an Oscar.





  • Excellent Acting All-round
  • Sunny Pawar
  • Fantastic, True Story


  • Might not be re-watchable

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