Maze Runner: Death Cure

I wasn’t overly optimistic about another Maze Runner film as the second one was not much to shout about (a right mess of ideas and poorly executed), thankfully, MR:DC is a lot better. In fact it’s quite enjoyable if you don’t take it too seriously.


Storyline is not too different from all the other teenager apocalypse films so no need to cover that but it does generally make some sort of sense as long as you can accept the unrealistic reasons for their gung-ho actions and the one too many last-minute saves (which are a bit telegraphed). Still, people actually die which is always good.


Acting is all fine but what I most enjoyed was the action. It may be because I haven’t seen an action film at the cinema for a while but I thought the action sequences looked really good, with a seamless blending of effects and real life.


Verdict: A good end to an ok series. The original is still the best but Death Cure at least provides a fitting finale.





  • Great Action Scenes


  • A Bit Predictable

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