Mission: Impossible – Fallout

MI: Fallout has got to be the best MI film so far. Basically, take all the best bits from the previous films (action, subterfuge, betrayal, plot-twists and more OTT action), mash them together and you end up with MI: Fallout. The dreaded face rip-off is also not overdone (for a change).


It’s not unusual for a Mission Impossible film to have great action sequences but this time they raise the bar to the very top, they really are fab. There are at least three edge of your seat action sequences where you wonder, how do they top that………….and then they do. This is helped massively by seeing Tom Cruise actually doing most of the stunt work and makes a pleasant change from camera angles which negate the use of the actors face. How he manages this at his age (56) is nothing short of amazing.


All other acting is fab, with Henry Cavill looking particularly dashing with a moustache (and strangely, more muscly than when he plays superman, perhaps it was all the spy gear under his clothes?) and Vanessa Kirby being a great power broker (maybe a bit underused though).


MI: F is not 100% perfect though as you can see a lot of it coming and it does get a little cringe worthy near the end, but that’s all minor compared to the action loveliness before hand.


Verdict: A superb action film with some of the best non-CGI action scenes for a very long time. Roll on the next one.





  • Amazing Action Sequences
  • Tom Cruise

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