Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines was not as bad as I was expecting. Yes, it is primarily aimed at the young adult Hunger Games market but it looks very good, has some interesting ideas and has a booming soundtrack.


Plot is a hard one to describe as it doesn’t make sense a lot of the time (with some strange sub-plots), however, it’s another post-apocalyptic world where big cities on wheels go round the world searching for resources. Throw in a revengeful teenager, a killer robot and a It also reminded me on a few occasions of Star Wars, it just had a few similarities near the end (but with an extra slice of typical annoying teenager and super tough girl).


The Mortal Engine world looks very good with some top CGI and I’m glad I could appreciate the scale of it at the cinema. I also really liked the design of the shrike robot (even if it did sound like they were calling it Shrek) and there were plenty of good action scenes (although hand-to-hand was a bit choppy in places). I did leave the cinema feeling that I had watched a condensed version of a much bigger story though but I suppose that often happens with book conversions.


Finally, I have to mention the soundtrack as it was very noticeable and loud but also exceptionally good. I was not surprised to learn afterwards that it was done by the same person (Junkie XL) who did the excellent Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack.


Verdict: Yet another watchable film version of a young adult book that could have been a top film with a more coherent plot and a bit of humour.





  • Great Soundtrack
  • Good Action Scenes


  • Felt like a condensed version of a bigger Story
  • Odd Sub-plots

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