I’m not sure where to start with Passengers, it was an enjoyable film, made well with great special effects, had good performances from the leads, made you think in places, and yet, it just lacked a little something that I can’t put my finger on. I suspect it’s related to the trailers giving you the impression of an action orientated sci-fi thriller, which it most definitely is not, it’s more of a romantic adventure that happens to be set in space (sort of a cross between Sunshine and Titanic).


The plot is fairly basic but does at least have one good twist and it does make you question what you would do under similar circumstances. Without spoiling it, I can safely say it involves a couple in a spaceship going on a long, long journey.


Both leads (Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt) do a good job in making you care what happens to them and there is almost a film stealing cameo by Michael Sheen. The other star is the effects, they are amazing. It really makes you forget you are in space as the rotating environment feels very real.


As this is more romance than adventure, there isn’t a great deal of action, although this does improve in the second half. There and also plenty of plot holes and sometimes you think that everything is just a tad too convenient.


Verdict: An entertaining film that doesn’t quite reach the heights you want it to. Just don’t expect a sci-fi action film.





  • Great Special Effects
  • Well Acted


  • A Bit Slow in Places
  • Light on Action

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