Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge was a typical POTC film and you get exactly what you expect (which is ok I suppose just not very original). However, it is at least an improvement over the terrible POTC: Stranger Tides.


The plot is not that different from previous encounters, involving undead pirates with a grudge, a drunk Captain Jack, magical objects, ship battles and a few familiar faces.


You can’t talk about POTC without mentioning Johnny Depp, unfortunately, to me, it looked like the Captain Jack magic is gone, as JD appeared to be in cruise control, delivering lines as drunken as his character was supposed to be. It just wasn’t funny anymore. In fact that was probably my main gripe with POTC:SR, it just didn’t make me laugh, the odd nodding smile but often just a groan as the jokes fell flat.


It’s not all bad though as the soundtrack remains rousing, there are a couple of inventive action scenes (the sharks and guillotine were cool) and it gets better near the end. The effects also look good and I particularly liked watching Salazar’s hair floating around with a mind of its own.


Note: Stay until the very, very end as there is a bit extra……


Verdict: Not a bad POTC film but far from original and the franchise looks like it’s run aground to me.





  • A Couple of Well Executed and Original Action Set Pieces


  • Unoriginal Story
  • Captain Jack magic has just about run out

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