Robin Hood (2018 version)

Robin Hood is yet another attempt by Hollywood to take a classic character and give him a modern action orientated twist. It is also yet another failure.


Robin just doesn’t work on so many levels, the acting is poor, the story is plain daft (being extremely cringey and corny in equal measure) and what they do with Will Scarlett is criminal. Taron Egerton tries his best to be a cheeky ‘boy in the hood’ chappie but cannot overcome a poor script with little humour. It all feels very similar to the recent King Arthur remake, it’s just not as good.


Whilst watching, I kept thinking to myself, where do all the guards kept coming from as there were way more of them than the so-called common folk. Especially when so many of them kept dying.


Verdict: Could possibly be the worst Robin Hood version so far, do yourself a favour and watch the classic Errol Flynn version instead.





  • Terrible Plot
  • Dodgy Acting

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