Rogue One : A Star Wars Story

I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s the best Star Wars film but it’s a definite improvement over The Force Awakens. However, I will say that it gives you a new perspective of A New Hope and makes you want to re-watch Star Wars IV as soon as you get home (in fact it’s so connected, you could easily think of it as Star Wars 3.5).


When I first heard of the premise (the tale of how the Rebel Alliance gets its hands on the Death Star plans) I thought, “Do we really need a whole film to see this” but, you know what, you do!!! Gareth Edwards gives us a great action film with a slight twist on the whole Star Wars universe with some great set pieces and a few good laughs.


I have no complaints on the acting front with all characters getting their chance to shine, although you can’t help but like the token droid K2SO (sardonically voiced by Alan Tudyk) and Donnie Yen as a force protector/worshiper (I’m not entirely sure what he was but it was force related). It’s also the first film for a while where Forest Whitaker has not been annoying.


I have to mention the special effects as they are simply amazing; you just forget you are in a different universe (although ‘they’ still can’t get computerised human faces right but they have at least improved since Clu/Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy), the soundtrack is also suitably epic.


Verdict: A very enjoyable addition to the Star Wars universe with great action and humour. It doesn’t even matter that you know how it all ends……..





  • Great Action Sequences
  • Clevely Enhances A New Hope's story
  • A Good Ending


  • You Know How it All Ends
  • Maybe a Few More Risks would have Made it Even Better

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