I enjoyed Shazam, it was good clean fun. It was not particularly original or even that amazing on the action front but it’s comedy slant more than makes up for it.


Plot is basically a standard origin episode but played for laughs as you see how Billy (a 14-year-old abandoned kid) and his sidekick learn what his powers are and how to use them. This mainly occurs in the second third of the film and is easily the most enjoyable part of the film. Unfortunately, what does let Shazam down is a standard and underwhelming final third that I just wished had been more original (and not gone down the corny kids route).


Still, Shazam is more of a family/teenager orientated movie and there are some good laughs and the acting of Zachary Levi as Shazam is really good, with a great comedic facial expressions. I also enjoyed the way that other DC heroes were used, very clever and not OTT.


Note: There are two post-credit sequences which cover ; the normal sequel set-up and an daft bit.


Verdict: Another good DC entry that is aimed more at the youngsters but still entertains.





  • Zachary Levi
  • Some of the Best Super-hero Comedy so far


  • Disappointing Ending
  • Slightly Underwhelming Baddie

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