Star Trek Beyond

I wasn’t expecting too much after the disappointing Star Trek Into Darkness so I was pleasantly surprised by a much more humorous film this time around (I presume a lot of this was down to Simon Pegg’s input on the script).


I particularly enjoyed the beginning 30 minutes which reflects on where each character is and where they are intending to boldly go.  After that you go into fairly standard trekkie fare; aliens, baddies intent on mass destruction, more aliens, crew getting split up, even more aliens, crew coming together to save the day…..nothing particularly original story wise but at least the crew team-ups are mixed up so you do get some different and fun interactions (especially Spock and Bones).


Other things of note are good special effects (especially near the end), a new and interesting female character (who has the potential to be this Star Treks version of Worf or 7of9) and a rather disappointingly vulnerable Enterprise.


Verdict:  An enjoyable addition to the Star Trek franchise with more emphasis on fun.





  • Different crew interactions
  • Fun


  • Choppy and hard to follow fight scenes
  • Nothing original

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