Suicide Squad

I don’t know why Suicide Squad has received such harsh criticism as I rather enjoyed it. It may have been disjointed in places, focus too much on Deadshot and end up following the normal superhero formula, but it was still a bit of fun with one standout character.


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was excellent; she really brought an interesting craziness to the character and I can certainly see her in a Deadpool type of film. Everybody else was ok but there was not enough time spent on them as most of the spotlight was hogged by Will Smith’s rather tame Deadshot.


I was hoping for a bit more originality in the storyline but when you get down to it, it was just a bunch of anti-superheroes against some baddies, shame as there was plenty of potential for it to be mroe different.


I couldn’t work out why it was rated a 15 either as I’ve seen far more violent and potentially disturbing 12A’s. I don’t remember any swearing or OTT violence but perhaps it passed me by.


Verdict: Not as bad as expected and does have some good action





  • Great Soundtrack
  • Harley Quinn


  • Too Much Deadshot
  • Not as Original as it Should have been

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