Tag is an enjoyable feel good comedy based around the unusual premise of playing, what we in the UK call ‘it’, for a long, long time. Obviously it embellishes the real life-story to make it more comedic and action oriented but that’s fair enough and does lead to some amusing situations.


Acting is good all-round and it runs at a good pace, however, I don’t know why they felt the need to make it ‘adult’ as I expect kids younger than 15 would have enjoyed it as well (TBH, I can only think of a couple of scenes that make it a fifteen and they could easily have been dropped).


There’s not a lot more to say really but it’s definitely worth seeing once but probably not something for repeat watches.


I wonder why it couldn’t be called ‘It’ in this country……:)


Verdict: A light-hearted enjoyable yarn that reminds you of the value of friendship (also helps that some of it must be true).





  • 'Loosely' based on a True Story


  • No Laugh-out-loud Moments

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