I had great expectations of The BFG as I really enjoyed listening to the story in the car on holiday last year and it’s been made by the ever reliable Steven Spielberg.


I was not disappointed as lots of the film was just how I imagined it. Mark Rylance (or his face) was a great fit for the giant, his voice and facial expressions were spot on. The giant’s homeland and the BFG’s house were just right and I believe the dreams were even better than I imagined. The only thing not how I imagined it was the girl, I can’t put my finger on why though, so I suspect it’s just me being fussy.


The story is daft but lots of fun, involving a girl befriending a giant, some dreams and some not so nice other giants, there is also some royalty involved. It’s very inventive, clever and imaginative and the broken English the BFG uses is great (there are lots of original words like snozzcumber and whizzpoppers).


Verdict: A fun and well imagined film. Perfect cinema for the whole family.





  • Lots of fun
  • A faithful adaption with only a slightly altered ending


  • Slow middle section

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