The Jungle Book

Jon Favreau I salute you. You took a classic Disney Cartoon (that many said shouldn’t be touched) and, dare I say it, improved it in many ways. The tone was right, the action was fast flowing, the nods to the original were right, the voices were spot on (loved Christopher Walken), the kid who played Mowgli was great and it all made sense (as much as a film with talking animals can make sense).


The special effects deserve a special mention as the animals, especially the wolves, were amazing (although King Louie looked as though he’d had one too many bananas). They looked sharp and natural and you soon forgot that they aren’t real at all. The jungle itself also looked great with very vibrant colours, it’s a shame we didn’t see the 3D version as I suspect it would have been worthwhile.


Verdict: Simply put, The Jungle Book is the best PG film I’ve seen for ages (and I’ve had to sit through quite a few) and I would recommend for all the family (even my 15yr old son enjoyed it and that says a lot!).


Minor warning…… prepared to sing Bare Necessities on the way home (I know I did).





  • Amazing Effects
  • Classic Songs
  • Great Action
  • Amazing Jungle Setting


  • You do know what is going to happen

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  1. I completely agree! I saw the 3D version and it was extra special. Top marks for the comments above. Definitely a film worth watching!

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