The Legend of Tarzan

As soon as my son, sister and I came out of the cinema we all said…..” that was better than expected”. I mention this as it is a good reminder that you should never listen to/take notice of the advanced (and for the most part negative) feedback as it can easily put you off going to see a good film.


The plotline covers what you would expect; how he became Tarzan (via flashbacks), his return to the jungle (for slightly flimsy reasons) and facing off against the main baddie (Christoph Waltz just for a change). There is also the expected talking to and interacting with all the wildlife, vine swinging and “aaaaa, ahaaaaaa, aaaaa” (if anyone has a better way to spell it I’d like to hear).


Acting is all fine and Alexander Skarsgard is a good, if somewhat broody, (and a bit quiet) Tarzan, and yes, he certainly does look the part (as mentioned on several occasions in this fun (but adult) review – . Margot Robbie is a suitably pretty and feisty version of Jane and Samuel Jackson has the most screen time I’ve seen him have for ages.


There are daft bits here and there and the ending is a bit iffy but the jungle looks great, the animal special effects are good and there are a couple of funny moments.


Verdict:  An enjoyable version of a classic tale, containing all you would want from a Tarzan film.





  • Well imagined Tarziverse
  • Rousing Soundtrack


  • Iffy Ending

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