The Magnificent Seven

Seven………..yes, Magnificent…….not really.


This really did not feel like a remake as there was none of the Yul Brynner or James Coburn coolness and there was no rousing soundtrack. To me, it felt like a totally new film.


It’s not a bad film though, the acting is good (Denzil does a good turn and Bjung-hun Lee is quitely cool), it’s filmed well and the actions scenes are very well choreographed. It’s a bit slow in places, some of the motives are a bit weak and bringing the team together felt a bit forced.


When the big show down kicks-in there is an awful lot of death and it felt quite casual and TBH the film felt more like a 15 than a 12a.


Verdict: An enjoyable western that should be taken as a new film rather than a remake of a classic.





  • Entertaining Action Scenes


  • Cannot compare to the Original
  • Poor Main Baddie

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