The Meg

I was worried that The Meg was going to be too daft and too silly, and to some degree it was but, and it’s a good but, but it didn’t matter as there was a really good balance of humour, action and suspense. I really enjoyed it.


Need I mention the plot? I think not…….big shark..……eats things……..arrrrggghhhhh!!!!


The Meg knows it is a B movie monster feature so doesn’t take itself seriously (neither do the actors, although ‘The Stath’ is still suitably heroic whilst having a bit of a twinkle in his eye) and that just adds to the fun. It does of course follow the standard monster storyline but it’s all done well, with surprises and jumps in all the right places. It also looks really good with no expense spared on the special effects. They even manage to make the know-it-all kid likeable (which is a minor miracle in itself). 


Verdict: Surprisingly enjoyable underwater monster feature. I can definitely see them making a sequel.





  • Special Effects are Excellent
  • Does not Take Itself Seriously


  • Not Exactly Original

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