The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy is supposedly the first of a movie series based around monsters and myths that Universal have decided to call the ‘Dark Universe’. Well it should be called the ‘Dank Universe’ if The Mummy is anything to go by. It was just cold and lifeless and I’m having trouble remembering what happened as it was just dull and boring (I even started to nod off about half way through!).


The plot is a mess, revolving around a mummy, some relics, the undead and an odd appearance by another well-known monster character, all mixed up with Tom Cruise in the centre. Speaking of Tom Cruise, he does his normal action type role but cannot do much with the material he’s been given. In fact, for the first time, dareisay, he was looking a bit old……


There is the occasional laugh and a couple of good action sequences but not enough to save it. It’s like it was a rushed, by the numbers effort, just to get the dark universe out there so Universal could make money. Shame they forgot about the plot and originality. This does not bode well for future Dark Universe films.


Verdict: An instantly forgettable mess. I suggest re-watching the Brendan Fraser version instead.





  • Messy Plot
  • Little thrills or excitement
  • Instantly Forgettable

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