The Post

I was expecting a lot from The Post due to positive early reviews and a good looking trailer. I do agree it’s done well, has a good cast and covers an interesting topic. However, I found it slow, lacking in action and just a bit too American.


The Post is about a leaked report of the Vietnam War (that surprise, surprise, does not reflect well on the American Government) and the publishing of these reports in the papers. Meryl Streep gives a great performance as the owner of the Washington Post, backed up by a typical Tom Hanks role.


There are a couple of memorable scenes and bits of tension but I coudnt help just wanting more……of everything really.


Verict: An interesting and well done film that just lacks something when compared to other recent efforts of the same ilk (I’m thinking Spotlight or The Big Short).





  • Interesting Subject
  • Meryl Streep


  • Too Slow
  • Lacking in Action

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