The Shawshank Redemption

I had never seen Shawshank at the cinema so took the opportunity to see a one-off 25th Anniversary special. Not surprisingly, it is still brilliant at the cinema!


Story is everything in Shawshank so all I will say is it’s about a Banker who ends up in Shawshank prison in the 40’s and you experience his ups and downs of prison life.


I loved The Shawshank Redemption the first time round and continue to love it every time I see it. It somehow has the perfect blend of sadness and oppression mixed with equal amounts of elation and joy. Everything about Shawshank is exceptional, the way it’s filmed (realistic and not showy), the portrayal of time, the setting, the acting (Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in the best roles of their lives), the setting and above all the story. It is all simply, brilliant.


What is unusual about Shawshank is its universal acceptance by everyone about how good it is. I have never come across anyone who doesn’t love it, not one.


One thing that did surprise me this time was that watching Shawshank on the big screen didn’t make it any better, it was all about the story and not its size. I did notice the soundtrack more though and appreciated its sombreness and perfect way of matching the films mood.


Verdict: One of the best films of all time and a Must Watch for everyone.





  • Totally Absorbing Story
  • Amazing Acting
  • Haunting Soundtrack

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