Their Finest

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Their Finest other than it looked like an interesting view on propaganda films during WW2. It does cover that but it’s actually more of a light hearted comedy/romcom and even then its a quirky one.


Basic plot is about Catrin Cole (played by Gemma Arterton) who slowly becomes embroiled in the writing of a film based around Dunkirk that will give the Country a lift. However, the establishment want the film to be different from the norm and Catrin has to cope with changing plotlines, uncooperative actors and prejudices towards women from the film industry at that time. On top of that you have a touching and realistic love triangle and Bill Nighy in a wonderful turn as a withered aloof old actor who lends his talents to the film.


I don’t know how realistic the making of the film is but it’s fun watching it being made along with the daft, although believable, scenarios that crop up.


Definitely more of a ladies film but I’m glad I saw it as you don’t come across many of this type of film anymore, it felt very British.


Verdict: A quirky and enjoyable film that is good all-round without being spectacular.





  • Sad but believable ending
  • Bill Nighy


  • A bit to 'Carry On' in places

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