Transformers: The Last Knight

Guess what, it’s yet another pointless sequel for a franchise that should have finished ages ago. And, guess what…..its pants. I knew I should have given this one a miss but was intrigued by the last trailer which looked like there was potential for something good. I should have known better.


The absolute worst part of this film, is the plot, it’s just ridiculous. Not only does it not make any sense but it’s a mess of ideas with none of them working well. At one point I just started to laugh at the absurdity of it all and what they do with Optimus Prime is criminal.


Thank heavens for Sir Anthony Hopkins. He managed to bring a knowing smile and calmness that briefly gave way to something interesting (the voice of his butler also made me chuckle). It doesn’t last though and you are soon back to Michael Bay’s explosions………and his predilection for a long movie (this one felt like it ended at least 3 times!).


Yes, the effects are amazing but that is no longer enough. Good CGI has become the norm and no longer guarantees bums on seats (we do notice when it’s crap though).


You know what would make a better Transformer film? One without humans. One that actually concentrates entirely on the Transformers themselves. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?


Note: There is sort of an extra at the end but it takes place so quickly after the end that I thought it was just part of the film.


Verdict: Long, loud and utterly bonkers. You need to be a huge Transformers fan to get anything out of this one.





  • Sir Anthony Hopkins


  • Terrible Plot
  • Totally Unoriginal

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