Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

I was looking forward to Valerian after some rather good-looking Trailers and on the whole I wasn’t disappointed.


Lets start with the positives; the universe is very interesting and well imagined, it’s very diverse and colourful and the CGI is exceptional (think Fifth Element taken all the way to 11). Then we have Cara Delevingne who was very watchable (she has very expressive eyes). There is also some good banter between the main two and the story in general is interesting. There is also a great beginning, a really good ‘market place’ scene and the aliens are cool (but those robots look very similar to Robocop 2).


And the negatives; unfortunately Dane DeHaan is not leading man material and should stick to broody angst ridden characters. Clive Owen also turned in what felt like a wooden performance. The story also goes a bit daft and fairly predictable half-way through and the Rihanna scene just didn’t work for me.


Verdict: A typical Luc Besson Sci-fi film with some enjoyable scenery and ideas. Could have been a lot better with a better leading man and a tighter script.






  • Well Realised Universe
  • Top Notch Special Effects


  • Humour does not always Work
  • Dane DeHaan

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