Yet again, without Marvels help, Sony manage to mess up a potentially interesting comic character.


It all starts well enough (although the very beginning felt a bit too similar to The Predator for my liking) and you slowly grow to like Tom Hardy’s down on his luck reporter. After that though, it starts to unravel into standard super-hero fighting (that is very hard to follow in places, it literally was a mess when it came to the big end fight scene).


I was very disappointed by the humour, I was hoping for closer to Deadpool but I didn’t laugh once, not even a snigger. Shame.


It’s not that Venom is bad, it’s just not different enough and could have been so much better if someone had spent a bit more time on refining the plot. A sequel is inevitable and we can but hope for a big improvement.


Note: There are two after credits scenes; one which was predictable and a bit lame and the second one at the very, very end is just an extended trailer for the new cartoon Spiderman (which actually helped me make up my mind not to see it as it looked dire).


Verdict: A below average anti-hero superhero film that had potential but ultimately ended up a mess.





  • Unoriginal
  • Messy Action Scenes

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