War for the Planet of the Apes

What a great way to finish a trilogy and a fitting end to Caesar’s journey. War for the Planet of the Apes (‘War’) completes one of the best trilogies of recent times.


I must confess that I was expecting more war than you actually get with ‘War’ being more of a cross between The Magnificent Seven and Escape to Victory (and yes, I know that sounds strange but you will understand once you have seen it). I think the title and trailer give you a false impression of what to expect and I think this has led to some of the negative reviews it has received. For me, it made no difference as the story was intriguing and clever enough that it doesn’t matter. I won’t go into plot details but it continues the theme of humans hunting down the apes and Caesar’s desire to be left alone plus a bit of revenge.


The acting all round is great but I particularly enjoyed the humorous turn by Bad Ape and the warmth of Maurice (the orangutan).


‘War’ has some great scenery/settings and, mixed with the excellent cinematography and special effects, you really feel like the world is real. The level of detail you see on some of the ape/orangutan faces is simply amazing (there is one close-up scene of an orangutan which is magical).


‘War’ is not quite perfect though as some of the plot is just a tad too convenient and perhaps there could have been a little more action.


Note: It goes without saying that you really need go have watched the first two films before seeing this.


Verdict: A cracking film with a great storyline, amazing special effects, a strong heart and some great acting. My favourite film of 2017 so far.





  • Great Plot with Unexpected Twists and Clever Nods to the Originals
  • Thumping Soundtrack
  • Amazing Special Effects


  • A Little Light on Action
  • A Bit Too Convenient, Especially Near the End

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