Widows is a solid, if unspectacular remake of a Lynda la Plant TV series. It revolves around a group of ladies who are vaguely connected by their husbands and how they band together to sort out their future by pulling a job (or something very close to that as some of the connections/motivations are a bit suspect).


Acting is all good, without anyone standing out in particular and the plot is solid with a few neat twists and turns.


It does start very slowly though and not a lot happens for quite a while but it does give you time to get into the characters, what they are attempting and you do end up wanting them to succeed.  What really does let Widows down is the last half an hour, it felt like a big build up deserved more of rousing finale instead of the quick resolution we end up with. I would personally have streamlined the whole film to have had less build-up and a longer more satisfying ending, but what do I know?


Verdict: A solid entry into the all female heist genre but I remember enjoying the TV series more.





  • Disappointing Ending

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