Wonder Woman

Looks like the early noise and reviews were right, Wonder Woman is the best DC film so far (from this new DC universe anyway, as in, I’m not counting Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy) and a very enjoyable one at that.


As per the first in any super hero series, it’s an origin story covering how Wonder Woman comes to know of our world and her hunt for the big bad whilst finding out about humanity and love (all mixed up with a first World War evil German plot to rule the world, “add in a Maniacal Laugh”). It’s not exactly original but it sets the scene well enough.


Gal Gadot is the real wonder in this film, she just fits the role perfectly and I can see her as the actress to define what the world thinks Wonder Woman looks like (just like Robert Downey Junior did with Iron Man). She manages to be innocent and sexy but have a steely resolve and is not swayed from the ‘right’ path. Although, Chris Pine as the love interest does just as good a job as the love interest and together they had a believable chemistry. In fact, the interaction between them is the highlight of the film.


All-round there is much to like with great, and often subtle, comedy, well-conceived action scenes and a rocking soundtrack. In fact the only slightly disappointing bit is the underwhelming baddie and a seen it all before ending (but that’s only if you’re being very picky).


Note: For a change there are no end credits scenes (which seemed odd with Justice League just around the corner).


Verdict: At last, DC breaks the mould and delivers the super hero film that one of their main characters deserve. Let’s hope they can keep up the quality for Justice League.





  • Gal Gadot
  • Great chemistry between the leads


  • Slightly iffy Baddie

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